Channel your inner Vettel with the Playseats F1 Red Bull Racing Sim chair

Everyone knows that driving simulators, no matter how good they are, are just that: simulators. They don't quite get the experience nailed, and they won't make you the next Sebastien Vettel. Still, Red Bull and Playseats have teamed up to make your experience that much closer to Vettel's with the release of this Red Bull racing simulator.

Playseats has nailed the details for this setup, putting the seat in the same location relative to the pedals and steering wheel as in a real Formula 1 car. The best news is that Playseats makes the set up for a variety of systems, meaning you can have one for Forza, Gran Turismo 5 and F1 2010, should you have the funds and the desire.

The funds are the big issue here. Playseats charges $1,300 for the system on sale. Regular price is $1,400, not to mention the cost of a TV to make this worth while. Looks like it's good, old-fashioned joysticks for us, then.

[Source: CrunchGear]

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