American International Automobile Dealers launches 'What Is An American Car' website

The American International Automobile Dealers Association has gone through the trouble of working up an informative website to break down which foreign automakers have a presence here in the land of the free. Even after decades of manufacturing products in the United States, automakers from Europe and Asia are still occasionally confronted with protectionist sentiments. Just look at the spate of vandalism toward Toyota vehicles at this year's Chicago Auto Show as evidence. As the American economy continues to stumble along and unemployment stays high, it's possible that the AIADA is attempting to educate the public about exactly what it means to "buy American."

The site allows you to click through the foreign automakers with American manufacturing facilities to see exactly how many employees each have on the payroll and how long they've been on U.S. soil. According to the AIADA's information, there are 21 "import" vehicle manufacturing plants in U.S. that employ a combined 86,507 workers.

That's not to say that there aren't some issues with the data. For example, Suzuki is allowed to claim the same Tennessee manufacturing facility as Nissan since the plant cranks out the Equator pickup alongside the Nissan Frontier. You can check out the full site here. Hat tip to Aiden!

[Source: WhatIsAnAmericanCar]

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