Google Maps adds electric vehicle charging stations

Google Maps shows charging stations near San Francisco, CA

Last week and without much fanfare, Google added plug-in vehicle charging station locations to its U.S. mapping service. In a blog post on March 9th, the Internet search giant said that it had teamed up with the U.S. government's National Renewable Energy Laboratory to display chargers listed on its GeoEVSE Forum.

Finding a plug-in vehicle charging station through Google Maps couldn't be any easier. Users need only type "ev charging station near _____," inserting the name of a U.S. city or area in the blank. For example, the map pictured above was generated by typing, "ev charging station near San Francisco" into the search box on the Google Maps site. So, the next time that you're plug-in is running low on juice, grab your smartphone and punch in Google Maps to locate the nearest charging station.

[Source: Google Lat Long Blog via All Cars Electric]

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