Nissan Leaf sales hit 3,657; that's like four times more than the Chevy Volt

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Okay, let's revisit those Nissan Leaf versus Chevy Volt sales figures one more time. Earlier this month, we reported that the scorecard for U.S. sales of these two vehicles looked like this:
  • Leaf: 173
  • Volt: 928
However, the Nissan Leaf, unlike the Volt, is currently sold in countries besides the U.S. So, let's compare the worldwide sales of both of these plug-in vehicles:
  • Leaf: 3,657
  • Volt: 928
By the end of February, Nissan had tallied 3,484 Leaf sales in Japan, according to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) and 173 here in the States. The Volt, on the other hand, racked up 928 sales in the U.S. and, to the best of our knowledge, zero outside of this country. Now, those global numbers put the sales figures for these two vehicles into a decidedly different light, with the Leaf outselling the Volt nearly four-to-one. Hat tip to evnow!

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[Source: My Nissan Leaf, Japan Automobile Dealers Association]

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