Veritas RSIII Hybrid does the electric slide, goes 0-60 in 3.1 seconds

Veritas RSIII Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

Vermot AG is on the cusp of unleashing a hail of all-new models, including a fully-electric vehicle and a coupe version of the delicious Veritas RSIII. But before we get a taste of those, the company is dipping a pinky toe into electric waters with the introduction of the Veritas RSIII Hybrid. The vehicle basically throws a 105 kilowatt electric motor into the already delectable mix that makes up the standard RSIII. That means that you still get the sound and feel of the 507-horsepower BMW-built V10 engine in the standard RSIII, but with a little extra electron punch.

With the additional drivetrain components and a stack of lithium-ion batteries, the Veritas RSIII Hybrid tips the scales at 2,821 pounds, which is around 500 pounds heavier than the standard version. Even so, Vermot says its battery-operated speedster can do away with the 0-62 mph sprint in a skinny 3.1 seconds thanks in part to the fact that the electric motor kicks power to the front wheels, effectively making the machine an all-wheel drive terror. For reference, that's .1 seconds faster than its predecessor.

[Source: Translogic]

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