Video: Playboy model demonstrates co-ed naked drifting *Update

Playboy model demonstrates co-ed naked drifting – Click above to watch the video after the break

To some, drifting is kinda sorta a non-sport. After all, the winning car isn't necessarily the one that crosses the finish line ahead of all others, and the vehicles themselves were created on purpose to be ill-handling, tail-happy smoke generators.

Somehow, we have a feeling all those ills would be forgiven by the detractors if the cars were piloted by naked Playboy models.

And so we bring you the video after the break. We'll go ahead and label this one not-safe-for-work-ish... while there technically isn't any nudity shown on camera, the model clearly is performing these smoky antics sans clothing. Oh, and of course she doesn't know how to drive a stick.

We'll say no more, and we'll leave all those rather obvious double entendres to you. Click past the break to see co-ed naked drifting's first (completely non-sanctioned) clothing optional event.

One final note: This is the same car (repainted) we featured in a four-part web documentary that you can see here.

*Update: Now with bonus gallery!

[Source: YouTube via Motor World Hype]

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