Italdesign Giugiaro launches free iPad app

Famed coachbuilder and industrial design studio Italdesign Guigiaro has released a free app for the Apple iPad that tracks the history of this famous design house since its founding by Giorgetto Giuguaro in 1968.

The app features a brief introduction that runs along the timeline from 1968 to 2030, showing key moments in Italdesign's past and future. You'll see Giugiaro with the Bizzarini Manta, the Alfa Romeo Alfasud and the Fiat Punto as the intro sequence plays out.

The iPad app's release follows Italdesign's new website launch last July, and its Geneva Motor Show-specific page for last year's show. If you're looking to download it, the Italdesign Giugiaro app is now available in App Stores worldwide. Click here to download it now from the iTunes Store or follow the jump for more details if you're still on the fence.

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Sunday 27th the iPad "Giugiaro Timeline" application will be available on
every Apple virtual store worldwide. For free!

After the new corporate website ( launched in July 2010 and the special website dedicated to Italdesign's presence at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, online since last February 21st, the official Giugiaro Timeline app will be available on every App Store of the world, starting from next Sunday.

With the Giugiaro Timeline app, everyone can literally touch all the projects developed since 1968 by the Italian coachbuilder Italdesign Giugiaro and its industrial design division Giugiaro Design.
Users will be able to slide backward and forward the timeline with their fingers, among hundreds of projects and thousands of pictures telling the story of the company founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1968.

The app starts with a 10 seconds introduction. On the iPad screen years run from 1968 to 2030 (the claim is "We design the future"), illustrated by means of vintage pictures referred to key-moments and milestones of the Company. Users will see, for instance, a 30-year-old Giugiaro close to his Bizzarrini Manta (1968), while drawing the Alfasud (1971), with his partner Aldo Mantovani showing a 1:10 scale plaster model of the Fiat Punto (1993) or while being awarded as "Car Designer of the Century" in Las Vegas (1999). These images are gathered in 5 groups of 3 pictures each and appear random every time the app is launched.

Once the intro is over, a timeline will appear on the iPad and users can scroll it back and forward with a simple touch of their fingers. Tapping on a specific year, all the automotive and industrial projects developed in that very year will appear on the screen. Tapping again on every project, a brief description and a photo gallery will be shown. The gallery lays at the bottom of the iPad and the user can scroll it up and then, by tapping on every single picture, enlarge it full-screen.

In addition to the cars and everyday-life objects, historic key-moments are included. The awards (5 ADI Compasso d'Oro – to the Panda, Punto, Brera dental system Isotron and to the career; 2 Goldene Lenkrad to Punto and the career) or the prestigious "Car Designer of the Century" are shown as well.

It will also be possible to retrace the evolution of the corporate logos and the foundation of Giugiaro Design celebtragin this year its 30th anniversary.

User can also take a look to the 1983 Newsweek edition where an article was dedicated to the "Marille" the first pasta ever designed by a car designer. Or, more recently, the 2005 Time cover where USA star LeBron James tightly holds the Molten GL7 basketball in his hands.

A second release of the app is going to be published in the next few months, implementing dozens of videos and it will also be available for iPhone.

Febrary 27th, 2011: Giugiaro Timeline. Available on App Store. For free!

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