Gibbs Technologies developing an amphibious trike?

If you like the Morgan Three Wheeler but have the need to traverse expanses of open water on your daily commute, Gibbs Technologies has just the thing for you. According to Visor Down, Gibbs has secured patents for a new amphibious trike. Gibbs Technologies has made a name for itself producing vehicles that equally at home on land and water, and it looks like this new creation works much like the other hardware in the company's stable.

The trike's engine sends power to its single rear wheel on land, but when things get aquatic, the power is diverted to a pair of water jets. Like Gibbs's amphibious ATV, the three-wheeler's front wheels fold up and away once the vehicle takes to the water, creating a WaveRunner-style contraption. Sounds like a cool idea to us.

[Source: Visor Down]

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