Report: Aston Martin mulling return to straight-six engines?

Aston Martin boss Dr. Ulrich Bez let the cat out of the bag this week, revealing that the automaker is seriously contemplating bringing back the straight-six engine. Up through the most recent DB7, Aston's silky inline-sixes defined the brand.

According to Bez, if Aston decides to go back to its old standby, the engine would likely be a 2.5-liter unit sporting direct injection and a turbocharger. Dr. Bez's thoughts have turned to engines since Aston's universal VH platform won't need updating for a few more years. According to Bez, getting a six-pot in the current architecture won't be an issue, since V12s already slide in nicely.

We wouldn't look for a six-cylinder Aston for at least another five years, but the idea of a turbocharged, six-cylinder Vantage-style baby Aston does pique our interest.

[Source: Piston Heads | Image: Drew Phillips/AOL]

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