Test Drive Unlimited 2 offering free downloadable content to make up for buggy launch

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If you jumped right into the Test Drive Unlimited 2 world, you may have been disappointed to find a slew of bugs and server issues. Atari and Eden Games have been working hard to rectify that situation. A new update has been made available and it includes a variety of fixes, as well as a thank-you bonus item. The first batch of downloadable content for TDU2 thrown in the mix for free.

Called the Exploration DLC Pack, the downloadable add-on features new wrecks to find. The two new wrecks, once found, will put a rally-version Lancia Stratos and 1969 Dodge Charger in your garage (or garages, if you are progressing through game more quickly).

In addition to the extra vehicles, this update addresses the following issues:
  • Casino performance has been improved
  • Log-in time has been improved
  • Game is more stable across the board
  • Saved games are no longer corrupted
  • Friend lists are now populated
  • Invites work correctly
  • Clubs are now online
It's clear that Eden Games and Atari have been listening to the masses, and are working hard to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. The update is being provided to PC users first, then it will filter over for console gamers.

[Source: Joystiq, Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums]

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