Is your city one of the top ten worst speed traps in America?

The weather is finally beginning to turn warm in parts of our great nation, and with spring looming, plenty of people have an eye on scratching their road trip itch. Before you take to any wide-open expanse of tarmac, it might be worth taking some time to note some of the worst speed traps in the country. Yahoo Autos has gone through the trouble of ranking the top 10 cities with the worst speed traps in the U.S., and while no one should be surprised to see that Los Angeles, California has claimed the number 10 spot, there are a few surprises on the list.

Colorado Springs, Colorado managed to break into the top five with a number four ranking. The locality boasts a heady 186 speed traps, and local law enforcement says that they're happy to write citations for drivers who exceed the limit by 1-4 mph. But it was Texas that took the cake by driving away with three of the 10 spots, including the top two. Austin took the silver metal with 189 traps, while Houston was crowned the speed trap capital of our nation with a staggering 373 hotspots. Head over to Yahoo Autos to check out the full list.

[Source: Yahoo Autos | Image: Mark Wilson/Getty]

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