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Video: Sam Hubinette learns how to drive sideways all over again

Sam Hubinette learns to drive sideways all over again – Click above to watch video after the jump

Sam Hubinette is exceptionally good at getting a car sideways and keeping it there. Now, it seems that the drift king wants to learn a new skill, and he needs just two wheels to do it. No, Mr. Hubinette is not switching to motorcycles... he's learning to drive a car on two wheels.

Someone with his level of car control should be able to pick this up relatively quickly. In fact, Sam Hubinette takes to two-wheeled action like he has been doing it his whole life, and it took preposterously few attempts for him to master the art. Hit the ramp and click past the jump to check out Hubinette learning a new skill.

Now, we're thinking we need to try our hand at two-wheeled driving too... anybody got a car we can borrow?

[Source: YouTube via MotorWorldHype]

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