Backwards cars are blowing our minds

The backwards car that started it all: Nissan's GT-R – Click above for high-res image gallery

Not everything is always as it seems. This truth is once again proven true by the fine chaps at the Final Gear forums, who took it upon themselves to borrow the idea of and expand upon a recent Photo of the Day at Autoblog's own official Facebook page.

And so we bring you this photo gallery of the backwards car. Mind? Blown.

The premise is simple. Fire up Photoshop, chop off the roof of a car, flip it and put it back on top. The result? Endless fun. If you're not a Fan of Autoblog's Facebook page, see what you've been missing?

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to rectify that sad situation, then click through our image gallery below. Feel free to add your own to Facebook, and we'll add it to the gallery.

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[Source: Final Gear, Facebook]

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