More details on Jaguar's 3 Series fighter

Word is bumping around the internets that Jaguar may be interested in dusting off a sub-XF model. Doing so would put the big cat into direct competition with the mighty BMW 3 Series – a feat Jaguar attempted once before with the ill-fated X-Type. But according to Adrian Hallmark, the automaker's new global brand director, the company won't be repeating past mistakes.

Instead, buyers can look forward to being able to choose between a sporty coupe and a volume sedan if the project gets green-lit. Offering two models would allow Jaguar to deliver a high-quality vehicle while simultaneously reducing its own costs.

Additionally, there's word that Jaguar wants to ensure that the new car packs all of the luxury and craftmanship of its bigger brothers at a more affordable price point.

Unfortunately, it may be a good long while before we see the fruits of Hallmark's labors come to the surface. Jaguar says that it is just now beginning to look into a new, smaller model and that it could be four years or more before the vehicle actually shows up on dealer lots. If that's what it takes to keep Jaguar from churning out another X-Type, we're all for the wait.

[Source: Autoweek]

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