Mopeds are nothing new, but the Grace Pro Race – a collaboration between designer Michael Hecken and downhill and cross-country aficionado Karl-Heinz Nicolai – is what a pedal-assisted bike should look like in the 21st century.

Grace Pro Race

CNC-machined and produced at Nicolai's factory, the Pro Race can output between 500 and 1,300 watts, propelling the bike to a maximum speed of 28 mph. That chunky aluminum box mounted in the center of the handlebars houses two headlamps, an onboard computer and several stacks of lithium ion batteries which supply juice to the axle-mounted brushless motor. There's no transmission to sap away the juice and Grace touts the lack of maintenance as a big advantage. Beyond the price – a tongue-choking €7,398 or right around $10,000 – we're more concerned about how much the Pro Race weights. There's no mention on the site, but there are a few less expensive variants that look to be almost as much fun.

[Source: Grace via CycleEXIF]

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