Report: Volvo's Jacoby hints V60 wagon could come to U.S. as hybrid

North American Volvo enthusiasts are vocal station wagon supporters, though there's little to satiate their desires with the V70 out of showrooms in the U.S. Looking longingly at European offerings has taken on extra sting with the recent arrival of the sharp-looking V60 wagon – a five-door version of the new S60 – and would be just the thing many Volvo owners and intenders wish to park in their garage. According to Swedespeed, all may not be lost.

Speaking with new Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby, the V60 may come stateside as a type of "enthusiast vehicle" sporting a unique selling point: a hybrid powertrain. "Enthusiast" in this case doesn't mean Rat Fink. Rather, Volvo may offer the wagon fans crave along with a hybrid powertrain to speak to the ecological consciousness of both the automaker and the buyer. A lot of the engineering work has already been done with supplier Vattenfall on the V70, which shares its EUCD platform with the S/V60, and it would keep Volvo loyalists out of the clutches of the Prius or Lexus HS250h.

[Source: Swedespeed]

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