MacWorld reviews 11 iPhone GPS apps, crowns an unlikely winner

MacWorld last reviewed all the available navigation apps for iOS in December of 2009 and since then we've not only seen more apps hit the market (and several die off), but Apple's released a new phone with a new processor and a revised OS that allows some measure of background processes and fast app switching.

With that in mind, MacWorld reviewed the top 11 navigation apps for the iPhone 4/iOS4 (and possibly the 3G-equipped iPad), breaking it down by developer, price, OS support and the availability of traffic information. For a bit of perspective, MacWorld points out that some apps come pre-installed with all the mapping data, while others rely on a data connection and a monthly or annual subscription. Surprisingly, the AT&T Navigator got four-and-a-half mice, with Navigon's MobileNavigator, TomTom's International and MapQuest 4 Mobile all coming in close behind with four rodents. Garmin's StreetPilot hadn't hit the market before MacWorld went to press, but judging purely by the specs, it's got the potential to dominate, particularly given the price. Read MacWorld's full review by clicking these oddly colored words.

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