iClarkson: Jeremy from Top Gear gets himself an iPad app [w/video]

The best iPad App... in the world – Click above to watch video after the jump

Jeremy Clarkson has gone 21st century. The co-host of the BBC's Top Gear, along with publisher Penguin Books, has created an app for the iPad called iClarkson, and it features over 140 of his automotive reviews that were taken from his books Driven to Distraction and Don't Stop Me Now.

The app is styled to look like a study and is loaded with interactive features. Images of automobiles adorn the "walls", Clarkson's drum kit sits in the corner and many more surprises are in store for iPad users who pony up the $7.99 to buy iClarkson. Click past the jump to see the app in action.

[Source: YouTube, Apple]

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