California gets $2M more for clean vehicle rebates; only for 4-passenger vehicles this time

Recently, we reported that Environment California is urging Governor Jerry Brown to put a plan in place that will result in 1 million clean vehicles on California roads by 2022. This goal has just gotten a little help with the California Air Resources Board's announcement that the 2011 budget for clean vehicle rebates will receive an additional $2 million from the California Energy Commission. This puts this year's rebate fund at $9.3 million – $2.3 million leftover from 2010, second year funding at $5 million, and the just promised $2 million. It looks like Plug In America's fear about the funds running out soon might now be quieted.

These new funds are to be used in a slightly different manner than the earlier money, however. David Almeida, manager of California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, said, "It is important to note that the additional $2 million in funding will be reserved for rebates of vehicles capable of carrying four passengers and highway driving." This is great news for those in line to buy the Nissan Leaf. Perhaps CARB realized that if you can afford to buy a Tesla Roadster, you're not exactly in need of a discount.

[Source: Plug In Cars]

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