Report: Nissan expected to deliver hundreds of Leafs by mid-month

According to December sales figures, Nissan delivered 19 battery-powered Leafs to buyers in the U.S. in 2010. This number pales in comparison to the 326 Chevrolet Volts that General Motors reportedly delivered before the end of last year, but there's some indication that Nissan will soon be catching up in a big way. This will be due, in part, to salesmen like Nissan Leaf dealer Paul Scott (pictured above), who recently facilitated his first deliveries.

According to a topic thread posted in the MyNissanLeaf forum, at least 32 members have received a notification email from Nissan that states that delivery of their electric hatch will occur in mid-January. Most of the deliveries are concentrated in areas of California. Given that the MyNissanLeaf forum members represent only a fraction of the total pool of Leaf buyers, it seems reasonable to assume that at least dozens, if not hundreds, of other future Leaf owners have received the same delivery confirmation email from Nissan. Anyone get one of these emails?

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