Visteon iPad Dash

Within hours of the first batch of iPads arriving on customers' doorsteps, someone had stuck Apple's wunder-tablet into their car's dashboard. The rationale for the installation was flimsy, but if you're looking for a mildly inexpensive touchscreen for your car, you could do worse to play a few videos and stream some tunes. Visteon, however, has different plans.

The automotive supplier managed to not only mount an iPad into a (faux) dash, but it's developed a custom app that wirelessly connects to the vehicle's CAN-Bus and can control nearly every aspect of the interior. The iPad handles infotainment, navigation, climate control and even the electrically-controlled seats, and when you park, you can just pull it from the dock and use it as Jobs intended. Visteon says production is set to begin later this year, but it hasn't divulged which automakers are planning to bring the system to market.

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