Nissan Leaf poll indicates buyers prefer solar power for charging

Hire Electric's solar charging station in Richland, WA

Based on an unscientific, limited, ongoing poll posted on the MyNissanLeaf forum, it seems like solar-powered charging is the preferred method for juicing up a battery-powered Leaf. Yes, the poll has only 112 respondents and, yes, the vast majority of the forum users are enamored with being as "green" as possible, but of the four choices – solar, green power from utility, utility power and other – 50 percent of respondents boast that they will charge their Leaf via energy captured from the sun's powerful rays.

Equipping a home with a sufficient amount of photovoltaic cells to charge a Leaf is certainly not cheap. However, many of the poll respondents note that solar rebates are available in several states across the U.S. In some cases, the upfront investment in solar eventually pays off, but for many who elect to get juice from the sun, the decision is not based on payback periods, it's more or less an environmentally driven choice that can, in some instances, break the tie between a home and the electrical grid.

[Source: MyNissanLeaf via Nissan-Leaf]

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