Over the course of the next ten years, Chinese automaker Jianghuai Automobile Co.,Ltd. (JAC) expects to export 620,000 vehicles to Brazil. In fact, if JAC hits its target, Brazil will become the automaker's largest export market by a substantial margin. Yes, ten years is a long time and it's possible that JAC could alter its plans at some point within the next decade, but, at least the Chinese automaker has finally shipped a batch of vehicles to Brazil and, with that, JAC has taken the first step towards hitting its lofty goal.

At the end of December, JAC shipped its first 500 ethanol-fueled vehicles to Brazil. This month, the Chinese automaker intends to send over 1,500 more vehicles, followed by 2,500 units in February. JAC's vehicles will be sold by the Brazilian car dealer SHC, which has more than 60 outlets located throughout the country. A few thousand vehicles might not seem like all that much, but it's definitely more than zero.

[Source: Jianghuai Automobile]


Hefei, Dec. 29 (Xinhua)-- Chinese carmaker Jianghuai Automobile Co.,Ltd. (JAC) started shipping the first batch of 500 cars to Brazil on Tuesday.

It signed a deal in August to export 620,000 ethanol-powered cars to Brazil in the next ten years.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company said it will send the second and third batches, 1,500 and 2,500 cars respectively, in January and February next year.

In August, the company announced it signed the Exclusive Distributor Agreement with Brazilian dealer SHC

JAC Motors, among the top 10 Chinese carmakers, sought to break into the world No.4 auto market that has been long dominated by U.S. and European automakers and has a high entry threshold.

Mr. She Cairong, deputy general manager of JAC Motors, said: "We should continuously broaden our global vision to gradually compete with global auto giants."

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