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CES 2011: Blue Link is Hyundai's answer to OnStar

Yet again, Hyundai is matching the competition point-for-point, and this time it's entering the world of telematics with the introduction of Blue Link, the automaker's first foray into the safety and convenience sphere.

Similar to OnStar, Blue Link handles everything from directions, point-of-interest searchs, remote door-locking/unlocking, vehicle health reports, crash notification, remote start and – according to Hyundai – 30 other features at launch. Included is a vehicle slowdown feature to aid police if the vehicle is stolen and a new "geofencing" system that sends a text message to the owner if the vehicle strays outside a prescribed area or route. Little Jimmy will not be pleased.

Blue Link is set to arrive this spring, initially on the Sonata sedan and a "youth-focused model" (ahem, Veloster) before the summer, with the system rolling out to every Hyundai by 2013.

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