Report: Johnson Controls buys Recaro

The automotive seat and specialty slice of Recaro officially has a new owner. Johnson Controls has snapped up Keiper Recaro Group – formerly owned by Putsch Gmbh & Co. KG – swallowing both the recliner manufacturer Keiper and the well-known automotive seat-maker Recaro in one fell swoop. In so doing, Johnson Controls is hoping to broaden Recaro's OEM applications, serving up both whole seats and components on a larger scale than ever before.

Challenges facing such efforts include increased standardization and globalization in the industry. Meanwhile, the remaining faces of the Recaro brand will stay behind. The company's aircraft seating, child safety and home factions are not included in the sale. A total of 4,750 employees across seven countries are included in the Keiper and Recaro Group sale.

[Source: Automotive World]

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