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Infographic: America's best and worst commutes

America's Best and Worst Commutes – Click above for full-size

The minds from TheStreet and Bundle have gotten together to put an eyeball on the best and worst commutes in America, and they found that the average American worker blows around $6,000 per year on transportation costs alone. In order to rank cities, Bundle lined up spending information alongside the average length of a commute, the number of miles covered, hours delayed, maintenance and fuel costs. Of the 90 localities that the survey covered, Dallas was saddled with the worst commute of them all, followed by San Jose, Miami, Los Angeles and Bridgeport Connecticut. Commuters in the Dallas area travel a little over a combined 52 million miles every work day. Just for perspective, that's farther than the distance from Earth to Mars.

The news isn't all bad, though. Workerbees in Eugene, Oregon; Brownsville, Texas; Toledo, Ohio and Anchorage, Alaska all came out with the least headache-inducing drives around. Interestingly enough, drivers in Detroit spent the least on auto expenses and gas than anywhere else. Head over to Bundle to check out the full report for yourself.

[Source: Bundle]

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