James May hospitalized shooting Top Gear Syria special

One of the three amigos of Top Gear has wound up in the hospital after an accident that occurred during filming in Syria. James May fell and hit his head on a rock while trying to help tow Jeremy Clarkson's vehicle. May was standing on the tow line when it went taught, giving him a quick flip in the air before coming back down to Earth head-first. The crew was a few hundred miles from the closest thing resembling civilization, but May was taken to the nearest hospital and treated for his injuries. Despite the apparently large amount of blood from the wound, Captain Slow said that the whole hospital trip was more of an excuse for the locals to use their brain scanner than for his health.
The filming was part of a holiday special where May, Clarkson and Richard Hammond all attempt to recreate the 1,200-mile journey of the Three Wise Men. No doubt, our three intrepid hosts were utilizing less than suitable vehicles for the occasion.

[Sources: The Sun, Sky News | Image: Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage.com]

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