Incoming Oakland mayor arrives to find Prius booted over unpaid parking tickets - report

Jean Quan is the incoming major of Oakland, California and a city council member. One of the perks related to her position is a reserved parking spot where she can park her Toyota Prius. However, she has quickly learned that she's not immune to the things the rest of us have to worry about. According to The Mercury News, Quan came out to find a big 'ole boot on the wheel of her Prius.

The immobilizing device was placed on her car due to a bunch of unpaid parking tickets. How many are we talking? Apparently Quan and her husband racked up over $1,000 worth of fines. She claims these fines came about during her bid for mayor and fell to the back of the "to pay" pile. Her husband is the one who usually pays the bills, and he thought they were taken care of.

This seems like it shouldn't be that big of a deal but Jean Quan is a stickler for parking fines. In fact, Quan pushed for more parking fines to help generate the council generate revenue in 2009. Oddly enough, the residents of North Oakland and Quan's Montclair district received courtesy notices as opposed to other areas that received actual parking violations.

[Source: The Mercury News]

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