Lincoln has apparently had enough of small-town life. According to Automotive News, Ford's luxury brand plans to give its dealerships in metropolitan areas the lion's share of production moving forward. The company says luxury buyers are typically centered around larger cities, and as such, up to 85 percent of the company's inventory will go to its dealers in the 130 largest U.S. markets in the future. That move denotes a larger percentage than the company has used in the past. Needless to say, this makes those dealers that are out in the sticks more than a little nervous.

AN reports that the remaining 15 percent of Lincoln products will have to be split between some 500 rural dealers. With so many hands fighting for the scraps, it's all but inevitable that more than a few will go dark in short order. Lincoln says that nearly half of the company's 1,200 dealerships are located in smaller markets. The company says that it wants to close down around 200 of its top-market stores, and that some thinning will be required in other markets as well.

[Source: Automotive News]

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