Last week, U.S. District Judge James Selna announced that he would not dismiss a bevy of lawsuits against Toyota that claim the company's rash of unintended acceleration complaints have caused vehicle values to fall. The company's attorneys had attempted to argue that around 24 of the suits should be thrown out on the basis that the plaintiffs hadn't suffered any financial loss and that owners hadn't spent money in an effort to fix whatever ailment befell their vehicle. Meanwhile, lawyers on the other side of the aisle argue contend that owners who didn't suffer through an unintended acceleration event still have a case against the Japanese automaker.
Selna seemed to side with the plaintiffs, though the judge is slated to come to a final decision later this week.

Toyota is worried that if the cases are allowed to proceed, a flood of new litigation will wash in from anyone with a Toyota in the driveway.

[Source: The Crestview News Bulletin]

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