Automoblox full-size HR3 hot rod – Click above for high-res image gallery

The last time we heard from Automoblox was over a year ago when company owner and designer, Patrick Calello, debuted an all-new type of his unique toy cars: hot rods. A great way to introduce a child to icons of automotive past, the hot rods are fun to play with (so says my two nephews) but to date have only available as Automoblox Minis. This Christmas, the company is offering all three hot rod styles as full-size Automoblox cars (The red HR1 for $45, yellow HR2 for $50 and blue HR3 – my favorite, above – for $50), as well as debuting a new Hot Rod Trailer set ($120) that includes a full-size hot rod, pickup and trailer. And though you've probably seen Automoblox at more mainstream toy retailers this year, these full-size hot rods are available only at for the time being.

Automoblox full-size Hot Rod Trailer Set
Based on my own experience, kids up to age 4 seem to always gravitate towards the Minis, while somewhere around 4 to 5 they switch over to full-size Automoblox vehicles. Keep that in mind if you're considering Automoblox as a Christmas present for a young one in your family. If you're shopping for an adult, also remember that while the full-size Automoblox are the most impressive, you can fit more Minis on a display shelf.

And because Patrick Calello is as big a fan of Autoblog as we are of his toys, we'll also have some Automoblox to give away to readers in time for Christmas. Make sure you Like the Autoblog Facebook page now, as that's where the giveaway will happen.

[Source: Automoblox]

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