Massachusetts-based A123 Systems has inked a deal to develop lithium-ion battery packs for an upcoming electric passenger vehicle built by China's largest automaker, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The vehicle, expected to launch sometime in 2012, will likely be a Chinese-market only offering. A123 System's vice president, Jason Forcier, told Bloomberg that the SAIC vehicle will have a range of 100 miles on a full charge.
Terms of the deal are vague, but this is what we've deciphered so far: A123 Systems will use its advanced nanophosphate cells to develop a custom battery pack for Advanced Traction Battery Systems Co., the joint venture created by A123 and SAIC. Obviously, the pack will then be fitted to the upcoming SAIC electric vehicle. How many of these zero-emission rides will be produced? Well, that's a question without a solid answer, but David Vieau, A123's chief executive officer, did state:
I can't give you a specific figure, but the number is significant. This is not a 'build just 200 cars' kind of thing.
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[Source: Green Car Advisor, Bloomberg]

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