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Late last year, Chinese automaker BAIC paid General Motors $200 million for the rights to dip into the Saab parts bin. BAIC's deal granted it access to the previous-generation Saab 9-5 platform and the pre-2006 Saab 9-3. The Chinese carmaker worked over the 9-5, giving it a slight freshening before presenting it to the public this past April as the C71 concept. BAIC later unveiled a second ex-9-5 model dubbed the C71 EV concept. This version features swappable battery technology and a claimed 93-mile range.

Just days ago, BAIC announced that the C71 EV will move from concept vehicle to production-ready status by the end of 2011. The electric C71 is expected to be priced at 300,000 yuan ($45,202 U.S. at the current exchange rate). Additionally, the automaker announced that the vehicle's 22 kWh lithium iron phosphate swap-capable battery pack will be developed by Beijing Pride Power Systems Technology Co Ltd. The C71 is a heavy five-seat sedan, weighing in at 4,144 pounds, but its top speed is listed at 99 miles per hour. The car's water-cooled synchronous electric motor churns out 84 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque. Check out Tech On's pics of the updated C71 EV on display at EVS 25 and don't forget to drop a comment on BAIC's electric auto below.

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[Source: Tech On]

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