Balqon's baddest bruiser, the battery-powered XE20 yard tractor, tops out at a cool 25 miles per hour, pulls a stunning 30 tons and rumbles down the road for 50 (loaded) to 94 (unloaded) miles courtesy of its 140 kWh lithium-ion battery pack . This brute is powered by a liquid-cooled 240 kW AC induction motor and is said to provide class-leading low-end torque that makes it a perfect fit for off-highway applications like hauling around trailers and containers at Ford Motor Company's Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, MI.

Balqon Corporation, in collaboration with T&K Logistics, Inc., is the manager of on-site transportation at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant and will provide ten XE20 electric yard tractors to handle heavy-hauling duties at the Wayne facility. The zero-emissions tractor is based on the Xspotter by Autocar. Though we'd be called fools if we claimed that the XE20 is a treat to the eyes, looks matter naught when you can lug 30 tons around without burning a drop of fuel.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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