Eagle-eyed readers spot embarrassing Ferrari World mistake

2007 World Champion Kimi "Räikönnen" – Click above for high-res image gallery

Someone at Ferrari World has some esplanin' to do. A gaggle of readers with keener eyesight than us happened to notice something a little fishy about wall of World Champions in Abu Dhabi's newest exotic-car-themed amusement park. If you look closely at the image above, you'll notice that under 2007, the park has the winner displayed as "Kimi Räikönnen." The only problem there is that Kimi's name is actually spelled Räikkönen. That's one very large mural to have replaced for a couple of swapped consonants.

Does anyone know how to say, "It's my first day" in Arabic?

Ferrari World has already flung open its doors to the adoring public, so the mistake is there for the world to see for the time being. We're guessing that the slip-up will be fixed sooner rather than later. Thanks for the tips, Seppo, Anne and Pasi from Finland!

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
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