A few months back we posted on the "3D Express Coach," an innovative new bus designed by the Chinese organization Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment. Though it looked like the stuff of science fiction, the design actually made a lot of sense: Make use of space between passenger cars and bridges in order to alleviate China's enormous traffic congestion problem and to save money on construction costs. While the sheer ambition and originality of the design was probably enough to get you excited about the prospects of future public transportation, the wow-factor of the bus was qualified by the fact that it was going to be utilized in China, namely Beijing's Mentougou district, and not here in the states.

But don't fret, for there is still hope. 3D Express Coach designer Song Youzhou has reportedly founded U.S. Elevated High-Speed Bus Inc., which is searching for manufacturers to build the innovative bus in American cities. This means that if Youzhou is able to find the proper companies to construct and sell the straddling bus, we could very well start to see it (above us) on the road.

With U.S. innovation in public transportation lagging woefully behind other countries, we hope that manufacturers will bite on this one. It may take a strategic combination of a strong sales pitch by Youzhou and government incentives to do so, but knowing how much traffic congestion is negatively affecting the environment and our productivity, we think it is an investment that is certainly worth making.

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