Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R – Click above for high-res image gallery

Simbol Design's Lavazza GTX-R slaps a Lego-ized version of the Ferrari Enzo's snout on an otherwise Pagani Zonda-like body made of carbon-Kevlar built atop a tubular steel frame. And since German powerplants have emerged as the new crate engine of choice for niche manufacturers from Spyker and Wiesmann to Gumpert and Pagani, the Lavazza packs a BMW-sourced 5.4-liter V12, picking up Lamborghini's tractor-origins mantle with an electro-pneumatic transmission reportedly sourced from a bus. Sources differ on the engine's output – alternately claiming 489 horsepower or 620 – but either way, 0-60 mph times quoted around the four-and-a-half second sound conservative.

Both coupe and roadster bodystyles are apparently in the works, though there's no word on availability or pricing just yet. Either way, check out the high-resolution images in the gallery below and a video of this supercar mashup after the jump.

[Source: Simbol Design via Carscoop]

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