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The surging value of the Japanese yen has prompted Toyota to shift some production of it Prius hybrid to Thailand. Beginning this November, Toyota, which has produced its best-selling gas-electric in central Japan since its inception, will start rolling the world's best-selling hybrid down the lines of its Thai plant located outside of Bangkok. This marks the first time that the Prius will be mass produced outside of the company's home country.

The Thai plant has an overall production capacity of 200,000 units per year, but much of the volume is already soaked up by production of the Camry, Camry Hybrid and Corolla. Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco stated that the company has no intentions of raising production volume at its Thai plant, and, at least initially, will only produce enough Priuses at the Bangkok-area plant to support growing demand within the Thai market. Hat tip to William!

Photos by Sam Abuelsamid / Copyright ©2009 AOL

[Source: Reuters]

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