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Even though he's long gone, Steve McQueen and his King of Cool attitude can be found all over the place. His name, likeness and films are licensed by numerous companies for the purpose of hawking everything from t-shirts, hoodies and watches up to full-size motorcycles and automobiles. The actor and accomplished racer can now add a new product to his long list of for-sale items – cologne.

If you've ever wanted to smell like one of the coolest guys to walk the Earth, you can do so as of September 20, 2010, when the new Steve McQueen cologne becomes available online.

The cost of smelling "cool" (which is, apparently, a top note of fresh green fruit, a hearty section of cardamom, sage and cinnamon and a base woody cedar tone) is hardly cheap; the listed price is €190, or almost $250 US. That's before taxes and shipping, too. But hey, it comes in a limited-edition gift box

If you really want to smell like McQueen, your best bet is to find a Porsche 917 and spend a few hours behind the wheel until you reek of awesome. Wait – that's too expensive as well. Truth is, no one will ever be like Steve McQueen, regardless of what they spray on themselves.

[Source: Steve McQueen parfum d'homme]

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