According to the Guardian, "Roadside air pollution in Hong Kong hit record highs in the first six months of the year, damaging public health and economic competitiveness compared with Asian rivals." This roadside air pollution is apparently damaging Hong Kong's reputation and is deterring visitors from setting foot in the city. Hong Kong claims that its diminishing air quality is exacerbated by imported pollution, a term that neighboring China has often used before.

Hong Kong officials claim that pollution from China's industrial Pearl river delta region contributes to the area's "unhealthy" air quality, but the officials also admit that China has slowly began to clean up the vast amount of pollutants that stem from this notoriously dirty corridor. In addition, Hong Kong's air pollution reached records levels in March when a sandstorm, which originated in northern China, covered the city in dust for days.

Hong Kong's land mass of just 426 square miles is flooded with more than seven million people, and is the fourth-most densely populated area in the world, which undoubtedly contributes to its immense pollution problem. We'd say it's time for Hong Kong to stop pointing fingers, embrace clean vehicles and phase in emission-reduction measures, Pollution may still be imported, but that should improve the area's poor air quality somewhat, right? Hat tip to Andy!

[Source: The Guardian | Image: eguidetravel – C.C. License 2.0]

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