Smart E-Scooter concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

In July, Autocar reported that the Smart brand, in search of offering something even smaller than its Fortwo, would turn its attention towards producing something that rides on two wheels. Though Autocar's source, a "senior Mercedes-Benz official" did not directly confirm Smart's plans to tackle a two-wheel vehicle, he did suggest that:
Smart was originally established to tackle the need for improved mobility, especially in congested city environments. Up to now we have concentrated our efforts on four-wheel solutions. The next stage is to look at how to expand beyond this with other environmentally friendly vehicles.
The next stage is now upon us and we have a first look at Smart's environmentally friendly two-wheel solution. The Smart E-Scooter concept will take to the stage at the Paris Motor Show later this month and can be viewed either as a competitor to BMW's recently revealed electric scooter, the C1-E, or as a rival to Mini's two-wheeled electric scooter, which is also scheduled for unveiling in Paris. Hit up the high-res gallery to check out the Smart E-Scooter and we'll bring you more on this two-wheel concept when we hit the ground in Paris.

[Source: Smart]

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