Mitsubishi Chemical has responded to the expected rise in demand for hybrid and electric vehicles by announcing its intentions to boost supply of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries by 130 percent by next May. The company's current anode material output, listed at 3,000 tons, should reach 5,000 tons by the end of December and 7,000 tons in eight month's time.
Production increases at the Mitsubishi Chemical's facility in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, should enable the company to keep up with the anticipated rising demand for li-ion battery materials. Mitsubishi Chemical currently controls 20 percent of the global market for anode materials, but hopes to capture at least a 35 percent share within five years. The company's work with li-ion battery technology includes anodes as well as cathode materials, separators and electrolytes. However, Mitsubishi Chemical did not announce plans to increase production of these additional li-ion components. Mitsubishi Chemical's rapid response to a possible battery materials shortage shows us that the industry can swiftly react to increases in demand.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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