Who LUVs NEVs? Low-speed electric vehicle test launches in SoCal

Wheego Whip – Click above for high-res image gallery

The Local Use Vehicle (LUV) Project of Los Angeles County, CA has kicked off an 18-month demonstration program that will test the real-world use of six low-speed, battery-powered vehicles. Organized by the South Bay Cities Council of Governments and funded by a grant from the South Coast Air Quality District, the program acquired six short-range neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) from Enterprise Fleet Management.

The vehicles, which include two Wheego Whips, a pair of GEMs, a Columbia Summit and a Vantage, will be tested by participating drivers in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and South Redondo Beach. Drivers will be asked to test each vehicle for three to six months before rotating to another NEV model. The participants will then complete a survey regarding vehicle use, performance, range and will also be asked to suggest possible improvements for each model. The LUV pilot project hopes to collect and analyze data to determine the usefulness of these NEVs in the congested cities of SoCal.

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[Source: Green Car Congress]

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