Chevrolet Volt testing at Pikes Peak - Click above for video after the jump

General Motors continues to test the Chevrolet's Volt capabilities at Pikes Peak, a location well known for its daunting corners, dramatically changing altitude and grueling driving conditions. This time around, an amateur videographer caught a long line of Volts – six, to be precise – as they headed down from the 14,110-foot summit. The 38-mile round trip from base to summit can be challenging for any vehicle, but the Volt is apparently handling this rigorous testing with relative ease.

Inside Line got in touch with GM spokesman Rob Peterson and questioned him about the Volt's real-world testing. Via text message, Peterson wrote that the Volt's testing is going well and notes that the vehicle has spent a considerable amount on time on Pike Peak. Peterson's text message reads:
It is probably around 800 miles on Pikes Peak. At this point, our development engineers are focusing on real-world miles, putting the vehicles through their final paces.
During a phone interview, Peterson told Inside Line that the ranger on duty at the mandatory brake checkpoint had to point his laser gun at the Volt's brakes not once, but twice. Apparently, the ranger was shocked by the unbelievably low brake temperatures. Peterson said, "By the time the Volts made it off the hill, they had recaptured double-digit miles of energy."

To date, the Volt has racked up not only those 800 miles on Pike Peak but also thousands of additional miles in other grueling locations such as Death Valley. Follow the jump to watch the Volts make their way down the rain-drenched roads at Pikes Peak.

[Source: Inside Line]

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