It's certainly not a common sight to see an electric vehicle parked on some desolate train tracks located near Norway's border with Russia, but it's all done for a good cause. The pint-sized Buddy EV, driven by Neptune Network, has halted the operation of the 80-ton freight train you can see in the background in the image above.

According to Neptune Network, the freight train is attempting to leave the Sydvaranger Mines in Kirkenes, Norway while carrying a load of the toxic chemical known as Magnafloc LT37. Neptune Network claims that the mine is illegally polluting a local salmon-fjord with the toxic chemical and suggests that the mining company has ignored complaints from Norway's pollution board calling for the mining operation to clean up its act. Since authorities have been reluctant to act, Frank-Hugo Storelv, leader of Neptune Network, has gathered his team and swung into action by blockading the train's route. The tracks have been blocked since Monday and Neptune Networks intends to hold its position until the pollution stops. Hat tip to Richard!

[Source: ElectricAid | Image: Neptune Network – C.C. License 2.0]

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