According to a report from China's Global Times, 16 of the countries state-owned companies will meet next week in Beijing to formally announce the creation of the "Association of the Electric Vehicle Industry." The association will work on setting unified standards for electric vehicles (EVs) and hopes to improve upon core technologies to make the nation's EVs more competitive in the global marketplace.
The Global Times reports the association will include, but is not limited to, the following companies:
China First Automobile Works Group
Dongfeng Motor Corporation
China Changan Automobile Group
China Dongfang Electric Corporation
China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock
China National Offshore Oil Corporation
Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute
The association's initial goal will be to build an effective information-sharing system that allows automakers, battery producers, governments and other manufacturers to freely communicate about EV advancements without the risk of leaking vital information to outside companies or countries. If successful, the association could help the nation reach its goal of EV dominance.

[Source: Global Times | Image: Philip Jägenstedt – C.C. License 2.0]

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