Just days after reporting that at least one Chevrolet dealer said that eager buyers will have to fork over an additional $20,000 to get their hands on Chevy's highly anticipated Volt, the My Nissan Leaf forum is now suggesting that Leaf buyers may actually be able to drive off the lot in the much-hyped electric car for less than MSRP. Yep, you read it right: below the $32,780 ($25,280 after federal incentives) MSRP and as far as we can tell, there are no strings attached to this deal.

The guys over at My Nissan Leaf have been in contact with numerous Nissan dealers across the country and, while almost all of them stated that they will sell the Leaf at MSRP, a couple committed to dropping the price by as much as $1,000. This news virtually puts an end to any thought of price gouging coming from the Nissan camp and makes the Leaf an even better bargain – at selected dealers at least.

So, why would the Nissan Leaf drop below MSRP when at least one Chevy dealer insists that a markup on the Volt may be necessary? Well, as Nissan's director of product planning for North America, Mark Perry, stated before, "The difference in the distribution process is, it's not an allocation to the dealer, it's a customer order, so [the customers] have the control." And if the customer can choose which dealership to purchase their Leaf from, then the competition amongst dealers is likely to be fierce as each wants a crack at the sale. Go ahead and take a glance at the My Nissan Leaf forum, which is updated with additional dealers daily, to see if your local Nissan dealership makes the list of those willing to slash prices on the Leaf. Hat tip to EVNow!

[Source: My Nissan Leaf]

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