Students at Dartmouth College, along with a handful of recent grads, are spending the entire summer touring the country in their converted, biodiesel-powered 1989 MCI coach appropriately named the "Big Green Bus." The students hope their cross-country trip will help spread the word about the advantages of choosing green technologies such as biodiesel. They describe the trip as a "science fair on wheels" and, given the bus' assortment of high-tech gadgetry – including four solar panels, ten deep-cycle batteries and a 4,000-watt on-board inverter, some serious science has come along for the ride. Bamboo cabinets and flooring add a touch of green to the interior as well.

The cross-country tour kicked off June 18th and the "Big Green Bus" has already hit 45-plus cities across the nation. The tour will come to a halt on August 29th in Cleveland, OH and there's no need to worry if your busy summer schedule prevents you from seeing the bus in action because the Dartmouth students created an excellent blog that covers every stop along the way.

[Source: Wired, The Big Green Bus | Image: Dartmouth]

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