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As you may have already noticed, our By The Numbers - July 2010 report is posted over on our sister site AutoBlog. After glancing over the report, you likely noticed that sales of the Toyota Prius took a hit when compared to July of last year. Indeed, with a reported decrease in sales of 29.2 percent, the Prius appears to be one of the biggest losers for the month.

If the decrease in Prius sales is really such a big deal, then why have Toyota execs come forth stating that they are actually pleased with the results? That's a simple question to answer. If you recall, the Cash for Clunkers program kicked off in July of 2009 leading to an artificial boost in sales for the Prius that month and which has undoubtedly skewed all of the sales results when comparing that month to July of this year. If this wasn't the case, then you can bet that Toyota would react in a hurried frenzy to find out what's causing plummeting Prius sales, but the company need not worry this time around.

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[Source: USA Today, AutoBlog]

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