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It appears that Toyota's aborted 2010 Formula One car design may finally make it to the track in 2011 under the banner of the Hispania Racing Team (HRT). The freshman Spanish team has struggled so far this season with the chassis it sourced from Dallara and already announced that it would not be continuing with the Italian race car builder in 2011.

When Toyota decided to shutter its F1 operations late in 2009, it had already competed the design of its 2010 car, the TF110. Toyota offered up its design to the new teams that were entering for 2010 and hopeful entrant Stefan GP had planned to use it. Unfortunately, Stefan did not get one of the new positions on the grid even after USF1 collapsed.

HRT has now reportedly struck a deal to use not only Toyota's design but its Cologne Germany facilities. Toyota will apparently be providing a significant amount of technical support to HRT for 2011 and has even begun rehiring some of its previous staff.

[Source: Eurosport]

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